Snowmen Clothespin Magnets

Homemade Christmas gifts are the best kinds. My kids can spend hours with their craft supplies making special gifts for all members of our family. We start the process early so we can try to avoid the holiday rush. It is fun to watch their artistic expression as they create each master piece. These Snowmen Clothespin Magnets are super easy to make!

Snowmen Clothespin

Here’s what we did:

Gathered all our craft supplies. (clothespins, paint, paint brush, permanent markers, ribbon, magnet and optional goggly eyes)

craft supplies


Paint the clothespins white and let them dry.  (For another project, we also painted blue clothespins and added glitter too them.  The white card stock I placed underneath the project actually turned out to be a nice piece of artwork.)


After the clothespins are dry we used the permanent markers to add a nose and face.  Then we tied on the ribbon. Cut a piece of magnet to the back and viola the craft is complete!

You’ll find more homemade gift ideas in this Kid-Made Gift Series hosted by Teach-Me-Mommy.

Kid Made Gifts

Christmas gifts made with love make great keepsakes.  I know our relatives will enjoy keeping their Snowmen Clothespin magnets on their refrigerators and thinking of the cute kids that made them!

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