Homemade Kid Christmas Ornaments

Each year the kids and I create a few different types of ornaments for our tree and to be handed out as gifts.  We took basic Christmas ornaments and jazzed them up with craft supplies.  Making homemade Christmas Ornaments is loads of fun for the kids and will bring back memories each year as their hard work gets placed on the tree.  Check out:

Christmas Ornaments

Sometimes I find open ended craft activities to be the best.  I laid out a variety of craft supplies we had and let my little elves get to work with their creations.

Craft Supplies

Supplies: Plain ornaments, glitter, glue, paint brush, paint, stickers, ribbon (or whatever else you want to use like sequins or googly eyes).

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Check out the BLING BLING we added to this one using stickers!

Christmas Ornament

Buy some similar stickers using these links:


Some people are anti-glitter because of the mess.  Not me!  I say bring on the sparkle!


My kids dipped a q-tip in the bottle to make their glue design, poured on the glitter and shook off the extra.

You could also use glitter glue pens like these for less of a mess:


Here my little ones decided to make polka dots and other designs with paint.

Paint Ornament

Other Options:

  • Combine different materials such as stickers, paint and glitter.
  • Use permanent markers to write words or draw designs.

Visit The Resourceful Mama to see a wide variety of other ornaments your kids can create!

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.58.04 AM

As quoted from the super cute book The Not Very Merry Pout Pout Fish ” For his gifts were big, And his gifts were bright.  And his gifts were perfect- And they all brought delight!  And his gifts had meaning Plus a bit of bling-zing, And his each and every friend loved their just-right thing.”  Check out my review here: The Not Very Merry Pout Pout Fish


I think everyone would love receiving a homemade ornament packed with love and meaning.  We’re taking orders on these homemade Christmas ornaments.  Who wants one?  🙂  Just kidding, but they are adorable.

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    • localbusybees says

      Aliza- I love that there are so many glittery and sparkly options out there! It sure adds a lot of fun to everything!

  1. says

    Love how open ended these are. I am not a fan of glitter, but it makes everything so pretty, so I cave from time to time. Thank you for participating in the series.

  2. Carmen says

    This is a great activity for all ages! When we host Christmas dinner this could be perfect for all the kidos to participate while the adults chat!

    • localbusybees says

      Vanessa- such an easy concept but it keeps them entertained and happy for a long time. I love that I don’t have to stand over them and guide them along each step.


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