Educational Bath Time

Who knew that shower/bath time could be so fun and educational? Well, it can!!!  Some of these ideas can be messy but what better place than the shower or bath tub to get dirty?  These activities will surely keep your kiddos occupied for a long time!  Educational bath time is a must!

Bath Learning

Shaving Cream Letters, Numbers and Art

My preschooler and kindergartner are all about practicing their letters and numbers.  Why not incorporate shaving cream for a sensory experience?  You can do this activity on a baking pan but moving it to the shower allows them to have a bigger canvas and unleash the fun.  After all, it is easy to turn on the shower and wipe down the educational fun.

Squirt shaving cream all over the shower.  The kids can use their hands to smear a big mess all over.  My kiddos thought this was funny.

Shaving cream

Then, they are free to design and create whatever their little hearts desire.  They made pictures with their fingers, letters, spelled words and practiced addition problems.

Shaving Cream Words

With a quick swipe they were easily able to erase their work and begin again.

Shaving Cream

To mix up the fun we even added paintbrushes.

Paint Brushes

If you want a colorful experience consider making colored shaving cream paint.  Check out the quick and easy recipe from Crafty Mama in Me: Colored Shaving Cream Paint.

If shaving cream sounds too messy for you, then you can still do this activity from the steam the shower creates on the glass doors.

Foam Letters

There are lots of options for making words and identifying letters.

I SPY: I dump in a whole bunch of foam letters into the tub.  I say, “I SPY a letter” or I say “I spy this letter sound” and my children hunt to find it.


Making Words: Using the shower or tub wall my kiddos spell words.

Bath Words

Word Families: We use an ending such as “at” and find different letter combinations to make these words.


Waterproof books: My kids enjoyed playing and reading these books when they were younger.

Bath Reading

Story Time: Sometimes I read a story to my kids as they are splashing around in the bathtub.  We especially like quick sing songy type books for this time.

There are so many options for educational bath time.  These are just a few of our favorites.  What learning activities do your kids enjoy in the bathroom?

Why limit the fun to just the bathroom?  Check out lots of great ideas for other rooms in your home in this 30 Day Simple Play At Home Challenge.

Simple Play at Home

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    Love these ideas! My kids grabbed the shaving cream I had the other night making puffy paint to play with in the bath. Thanks for sharing at #made4kids!

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