Socktober Campaign

Have you heard of SOCKTOBER? Personally, I hadn’t until a few days ago. Upon hearing the Kid President’s message I quickly realized that I wanted to help bring awareness to more people.


What Can YOU Do To Help?

The concept is simple…. collect new socks to donate to a local shelter.

Start a Sock Drive!  Think about the amount of socks you could collect if you joined forces with your neighborhood, community, school, a group you are involved with or friends and family.

Where do You Find a Place to Donate The Items You’ve Collected?

Again, that’s easy! Just use this link to see a list of the shelters in your area. Link to

Background Behind the Campaign

Homelessness is an epidemic in the United States.  Over a half a million people are living on the streets and a quarter of them are children.

Kid President and Soulpancake have teamed up to bring awareness about this issue and urge Americans to donate socks (or other items) to shelters.

Their goal is make this year even more successful than last year.

Must See Video

No one says it better than the Kid President himself.  I urge you to watch his quick and entertaining video. Kid President has such an infectious personality that it really causes you to stop and think about his message.

Watch This Year’s Campaign Video: Kid President! How Do You Socktober?

Here’s another great video from Kid President about Socktober: Hello Internet! It’s #Socktober! Love, Kid President

Great Book For Children about Doing Kind Deeds For Others:

If you are looking for a wonderful book to teach children more about the straightforward things they can do to spread kindness than I have the perfect book to recommend to you. It’s called Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson.

This book is the gateway to a deep discussion with children about how even the simplest gestures can make others feel so good that they in turn are more likely to pass on love and kindness. Paying it forward, participating in random acts of kindness and doing kind things for others makes everyone feel good!

I hope the Kid President’s message has resonated with you. Do what you can to help others this “Socktober”.  Spread the word and make a difference!

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    • localbusybees says

      Raising Mighty Girls- I think you should start it!!! It’s a worldwide problem so when not have a fun phrase to help us remember to give to others in our community? 🙂


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