Instant Happy Journal- Review

Beloved and best selling author Karen Salmansohn is back at it again bringing us a dose of happiness with her newest book Instant HAPPY Journal.   Inside this compact size book you’ll find inspirational quotes, questions to get you thinking, information from scientific research studies and lots of lines for you to write your own reflections.


I’ve been recording my thoughts in this journal for the last few weeks and I wanted to share why I think it’s great:

  • I love the cheery feel and variety of colors used throughout the pages in the book.
  • I can focus on one page at a time and really take to heart the meaning embedded within that page.
  • I’ve smiled, laughed, pondered, wondered, considered other viewpoints and all around have had a good time jotting down my thoughts.
  • In my busy world I’ve found time to sneak away and focus on bettering myself. (That can be hard to do with my career and 2 energetic kiddos.)
  • There’s lots of variety. With 365 days of “inspiration, gratitude and joy” I could document a year or more of my happiness. After completing the book I’ll have a keepsake to treasure and reread.
  • Finding happiness, joy and gratitude is important to me in my daily life. This book has helped to remind me to stay focused on those things.
  • As the title implies, it should come as no surprise that I was HAPPY to receive this book free from Blogging for Books for this review.

Don’t these pages below look like lots of fun to fill out?


The quote, ” Dance like the photo’s not being tagged.  Love like you’ve never been unfriended.” puts such a modern spin on the importance of being true to yourself.  This is one of my new favorites!!

If you want to read more about Karen Salmansohn or discover the other books she’s written then click here: Bio of Karen Salmansohn (author of Instant Happy Journal)


What makes you happy? Think about it, reflect and write it down so you can preserve all of that happiness. After all life is WAY too short to focus on the negativity! Brighten up your life with the Instant HAPPY Journal for yourself or someone else!

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