Sleepy Time Headrest to the Rescue!

The Sleepy Time Headrest arrived in time for our 4-week expedition across several states. We were equipped with all we needed (or so I hoped) as we embarked on our 4,000 mile road trip.   Knowing that it would be a long time for my kiddos to be strapped into their car seats I had a wide array of things to keep them busy, happy and cozy.   From our drive to Florida earlier this summer, I learned that a grouchy and tired kid means a miserable experience for everyone.  Luckily the Sleepy Time Headrest allowed them to rest peacefully during our good old-fashioned road trip.

Here’s what you need to know about the Sleepy Time Headrest:

  • Kid tested, parent approved and meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
  • Comfortable and easy to use!  My four year old learned how to do this without help.DSC_3349
  • Keeps your child’s head properly aligned to prevent their head from falling forward or jerking from side to side.  It’s not a real medical term but I call it “crooked head syndrome”.  I’m referring to that terribly awful position where your little one has their head tilted forward, cocked to the side they look so uncomfortable.DSC_3352
  • Fun Designs– comes in 8 different exciting patterns. Our pillow is the Zebra pattern. Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.10.51 AM
  • Different sizes: infant, child and adult available.  (Child size shown below.)Sleepy Time Headrest
  • Multiple uses– my daughter used it as a blanket to cover her cold legs when she was awake during our car trip. Children with special needs are using it in wheel chairs. I haven’t brought this with us on a plane yet but we want to try it out! If you need tips for traveling on a plane with kids click here: Plane Tips For Traveling with Kids
  • Sleepytimelap
  • Made in the USA!
  • Interested in purchasing a Sleepy Time Headrest? Visit their website here:
  • I received this product for free in exchange for a product review. All of the opinions are my own. I was not financially compensated for this post.  I encourage you to check out the Sleepy Time Headrest website to read more about this product.

Thanks to the Sleepy Time Headrest I was much better prepared for Round 2 of our Road Trip travels this summer. I will definitely be bringing the Sleepy Time Headrest with us for our next trip! Keep up with my traveling adventures and tips by joining my email mailing list or follow Local Busy Bees on my social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).   Wishing you and your family safe and comfortable travels!

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    • localbusybees says

      Hi Tricia- yes it truly is a wonderful product. It helped my kids sleep so much more peaceful on our car trips. As far as I know the Sleepy Time Headrests are only available to purchase online. You get free shipping in the USA so that’s a good deal.

  1. Alina says

    I’d love to get one of these for my child. It would be great especially when we drive to see the grandparents which is four hours away and we do it quite often.

    • localbusybees says

      Alina- my kids slept so much better in the car by using this. I’m even considering buying the adult version for myself for when we travel. My neck always gets sore too when I cock my neck to the side to sleep.

  2. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    My son always would fall asleep in the car. The Sleepy Time Headrest would have been great for him when he was growing up, great idea. 🙂

  3. M.Clark says

    My first thought when I saw this was that it would be great to bring on the plane. It does look comfortable and it meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, who can argue with that? I’m glad it has an adult size as well.

  4. Ashley Perry says

    I so needed one of these when my son was little!! He used to fall asleep ever time we rode in the car and it always looked like his neck was broke!

  5. Emily Endrizzi says

    Wow! This is a great idea! I need to get some of these for my kids when we go on vacation. I want one for myself too!

    • localbusybees says

      Emily- I’ve yet to try the adult version but I put the kid version on to get an idea of how it works and feels. I think it works really well and much more comfortable than the normal airplane pillow I usually bring. 🙂

    • localbusybees says

      Linda- it really works well to keep their head positioned correctly. I only wish I would have discovered this product sooner! 🙂

    • localbusybees says

      Sabrina- I know it surprises me that they can sleep this way. If you do order one for your nephew remember to mention that you saw the product on my site and you will get a discount. 🙂

  6. Laura Andry says

    My kiddos always fall asleep in the car on our trip to visit grandma and grandpa. These would be perfect for them! Do they come in Adult size?

    • localbusybees says

      Hi Laura! Yes, they come in infant, child and adult size. If you end up ordering be sure to mention my site to get a discount! Also, I have a giveaway going on until November 19th where you can win prizes from Sleepy Time Headrest and other sponsors. 🙂

  7. Jackie says

    What a wonderful item. I tend to fall asleep in the car because I have sleep problems and that would be so wonderful to use when traveling.

    • localbusybees says

      Jackie- yes it would be very helpful. If you end up ordering be sure to mention my site for a discount! 🙂

    • localbusybees says

      Molli- I agree! This has really helped my kids sleep more comfortably. If you do end up ordering be sure to mention you saw it here to get a discount!

  8. Ronald Gagnon says

    This very versatile “pillow” is an almost complete collection that every child would need on a long trip….excepting maybe “daddy I have to go to the potty”

  9. Judith Martinez says

    I love that they come in different sizes! One for every member of the family. I will have to keep this in mind before our next road trip.

    • localbusybees says

      Hi Susie- yes they do come in adult sizes too! They are much better at supporting your head than the other pillows you see people using on the airplane.

  10. denise low says

    This is a just have. I would see the kids sleeping in the back seat. And I would want to hold their heads up so they could sleep better.

  11. Viv Sluys says

    We tried a different brand that was supposed to do the same thing but it didn’t work for us. This one looks much better. And it’s so good to see that it meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

  12. Katy says

    These look great! My daughter’s head can get twisted into some crazy looking positions in her car seat. She’s never well rested after a nap in the car- I bet this would really help! Thanks for the review and glad your road trip was a success! We’re too chicken to try one with our 23 month old this year. We’re hoping she gets better and better in the car!

  13. Gina Ferrell says

    This is truly is a wonderful product. My daughter always falls asleep in the car on the way home from Grandma’s because it takes almost 2 hours.

  14. Marthalynn says

    This is brilliant! Just the other day my daughter fell asleep in the car with her he’d drooped over and just looking at her made me feel like I needed a chiropractic adjustment! What an awesome solution. I can see bringing this on our flights, too.


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