Sleepy Time Headrest to the Rescue!

The Sleepy Time Headrest arrived in time for our 4-week expedition across several states. We were equipped with all we needed (or so I hoped) as we embarked on our 4,000 mile road trip.   Knowing that it would be a long time for my kiddos to be strapped into their car seats I had a wide array of things to keep them busy, happy and cozy.   From our drive to Florida earlier this summer, I learned that a grouchy and tired kid means a miserable experience for everyone.  Luckily the Sleepy Time Headrest allowed them to rest peacefully during our good old-fashioned road trip.

Here’s what you need to know about the Sleepy Time Headrest:

  • Kid tested, parent approved and meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
  • Comfortable and easy to use!  My four year old learned how to do this without help.DSC_3349
  • Keeps your child’s head properly aligned to prevent their head from falling forward or jerking from side to side.  It’s not a real medical term but I call it “crooked head syndrome”.  I’m referring to that terribly awful position where your little one has their head tilted forward, cocked to the side they look so uncomfortable.DSC_3352
  • Fun Designs– comes in 8 different exciting patterns. Our pillow is the Zebra pattern. Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.10.51 AM
  • Different sizes: infant, child and adult available.  (Child size shown below.)Sleepy Time Headrest
  • Multiple uses– my daughter used it as a blanket to cover her cold legs when she was awake during our car trip. Children with special needs are using it in wheel chairs. I haven’t brought this with us on a plane yet but we want to try it out! If you need tips for traveling on a plane with kids click here: Plane Tips For Traveling with Kids
  • Sleepytimelap
  • Made in the USA!
  • Interested in purchasing a Sleepy Time Headrest? Visit their website here:
  • I received this product for free in exchange for a product review. All of the opinions are my own. I was not financially compensated for this post.  I encourage you to check out the Sleepy Time Headrest website to read more about this product.

Thanks to the Sleepy Time Headrest I was much better prepared for Round 2 of our Road Trip travels this summer. I will definitely be bringing the Sleepy Time Headrest with us for our next trip! Keep up with my traveling adventures and tips by joining my email mailing list or follow Local Busy Bees on my social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).   Wishing you and your family safe and comfortable travels!

Fall Family Activities in Columbus

For those of you wanting to get a jump start on fall family activities in Columbus check out some of my favorites below. As excited as I am for apple picking, football season, the smell of burning leaves and Halloween décor I’m still in summer mode. I’ll be updating this list often as I hear about more fun opportunities around town and businesses publish their calendar of events.


Click on the Calendar of Events to see a wide variety of family fun happening in Columbus.

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How To Establish A Positive Parent-Teacher Relationship

During this back to school season one of the most important things you can do is establish a positive parent-teacher relationship. It’s all about finding the balance between “helicopter parent” and uninvolved guardian. Not only will it be comforting to know who your child is spending time with it will also set your child up for a successful year.

As a mom and teacher I’ve been in both positions. Here are some quick and easy ways to make a connection with your child’s teacher.

Parent-teacher relationship

Attend Back to School Events

Make it a priority to attend any Open House or Meet the Teacher opportunities. It is always nice to be able to put a name and a face together so make sure you introduce yourself and chat for a bit.

Reach out within the First Few Weeks of School

Consider sending an email about a positive experience your child had, something memorable or funny they’ve said about their school day or thanking the teacher for working with your child. Not only will this make the teacher’s day, it will also set you apart from other parents and help to establish rapport early on.

Offer to Help

Perhaps you have an interest in helping the teacher out in the classroom. This is a nice way for you to get an inside glimpse into the classroom routine and get to know your child’s classmates. The teacher will appreciate anything you do to help and this will give the teacher more time to focus their time and attention to their true area of expertise.

If you aren’t able to come into the classroom there are lots of things you can do at home. Click HERE for a link with 19 ideas on ways to volunteer when you can’t come into the classroom.

Give a compliment

We all know how flattering it feels to be praised. Is there something hanging in the room that caught your eye or something you were impressed with? If so, make sure to mention it the next time you see them or send an email. If they really go above and beyond let the principal or superintendent know too.

Stay in the Know

DSC_0027Read teacher and school newsletters, information posted in your child’s digital portfolio, report cards and SCOUR their backpack frequently to uncover any crumbled (and probably important) tidbits of information.

Sometimes I wonder if newsletters, pictures and Tweets I send get lost in outer space or actually reach the parents. Commenting on something you read or saw not only shows the teacher that you read it but also shows you care. I can tell you first hand the more feedback I get the more time I will spend keeping parents informed.

Bonus: Give a small gift

Although not necessary, I am always pleasantly surprised and grateful when students present me with a gift. It can be homemade such as a card, tomato or flower grown from the garden or something purchased. Head on over to the The Resourceful Momma to snag this free colorful teacher gift tag that you can attach to many items.  Click HERE for the link.

School starts for me in less than a month. I’m excited to get to know a whole new group of students and their families. I plan on following my tips to establish a positive parent teacher relationship with my children’s teachers. I love feedback so feel free to comment below, use the buttons to follow me on social media and/or sign up to get an email about my new blog posts. Have a happy school year and keep reading below about how to enter into a giveaway!

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